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Tomographic Imaging of EDZ for Underground Disposal Facility (2014)

Ultrasonic tomography was used to image the extent and characterize the Excavation Damage Zone in an underground nuclear waste disposal facility. This non-destructive imaging method was used in combination with other geophysical measurements to evaluate the rock integrity in a sample volume in the floor area of the niche and investigate the response of different lithologies to the excavation.

Mass Mining Technology Project: Seismic Imaging of Induced Fracture Network ()

Seismicity induced during cave mining operations was used image and characterized the fracture network associated to different geomechanical domains and mining stages. The results were used for the validation of predictive SRM developed for each domain and stage.

Äspö Pillar Stability Experiment ()

Passive and active Acoustic Emission and ultrasonic monitoring was used to monitor the spalling in the walls of experimental deposition holes designed to investigate the impact of thermal loads and confining pressure on the EDZ of deposition holes designed for the geological disposal and isolation of high and medium-level radioactive waste.

Health Monitoring of a Concrete Bulkhead ()

Passive and active Acoustic Emission and ultrasonic monitoring was used to monitor the integrity and sealing capability of a concrete bulkhead designed to isolate a gallery excavated for the deposition of nuclear waste. The structure was monitored during the curing and during the application of thermal load and confining pressure.

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