UDEC Introductory Training - 2019

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  • English
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Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

April 1 - 3, 2019 Plus Optional 4th Day April 4

US$2,500, 4th day an additional $500
50% Academic Discount Available

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In this course you will use UDEC Version 7.0, which will include new features such as using DXF geometries, Discrete Fracture Networks, and new plotting tools.

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This course provides an introduction to UDEC for application to geotechnical analysis.

The three-day course provides an overview of the capabilities and features in UDEC and covers software fundamentals with discussions on the theoretical background, basic concepts, and modeling principles for geotechnical analysis, mining, and petroleum engineering.  Topics include model building; application of initial and boundary conditions; constitutive (material) models; and solving, monitoring and visualizing results. Advanced topics such as ground support, groundwater flow, and the built-in scripting language (FISH)  will also be introduced.

There is an optional fourth day available for $500 for the following special topics:

  • Discrete Fracture Networks;

  • Advanced FISH;

Or, you may select four hours of one-on-one time with an Itasca consultant for an additional $500 (subject to availability).

Senior Engineer, Technical Marketing

Mr. DeGagné is a geomechanics engineer with experience in rock mechanics, including slurry and paste backfill, and sublevel caving. He has developed an alternative binder using recycled glass for use in backfill and has developed numerical models using PFC3D and the parallel-processing option to simulate the flow of ore and waste draw in a sublevel cave mine.


This training will be held in our office located in Barrel House at 111 Third Avenue South, Suite 450, Minneapolis, MN 55401.