UDEC - System requirements

Operating System:

Windows XP (32/64), Windows Vista (32/64), Windows 7 (32/64), Windows 8 (32/64).

USB Port:

1 port required for USB local license key.

A TCP/IP connection to a server (with a USB Port) is required for a USB network license.


Any Pentium or AMD equivalent compatible.  Intel Pentium i7 or later and is recommended.  

Graphics Card:

No specific requirement.

Hard Disk:

Installation requires 340 MB of free disk space. 

Save files are approximately proportional to the size of your model in RAM.

Random Access Memory (RAM):

1 GB of RAM memory minimum. 

Total RAM is proportional to the size of your model. Total useable memory is limited by 32 bit Windows to approximately 800 MBytes.  

The 64-bit version is limited, for all practical purposes, only by the size of available memory hardware.