Microseismic software

ICL offers the InSite™ family of software developed for microseismic and seismological studies.

InSite is an integrated seismic data acquisition, processing, management and visualisation software for seismological studies ranging in scale from Acoustic Emissions in laboratory tests, through microseismics around underground excavations up to regional-scale earthquakes. InSite Seismic Processor is used extensively in IMaGE consulting operations, and is now used by many international organisations for in-house processing and management of microseismic data.

The software is independent of acquisition hardware. It can be integrated with hardware packages to perform real-time data capture and processing. There is a wide range of standard tools and advanced processing tools.

Software comes in different forms InSite-HF, InSIte-Geo, InSite-Lab, InSite-Design, there is also as a free InSite-Lite version.

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