InSite - HF

InSite-HF was last updated Jan 22nd 2019. Please login to download the latest version.

 Microseismic borehole and surface processing software for hydraulic fracturing and energy applications.


DESIGN: Microseismic survey design tools to plan arrays and meet engineering objectives.

ACQUISITION: Real-time data acquisition and processing with customizable triggering settings.

PROCESSING: Manual and automated processing with efficient workflows. Complex velocity models and sophisticated algorithms for microseismic location.

INTERPRETATION: Enhanced interpretation of microseismic clouds. Characterize hydraulic fracture geometry and the microseismic geomechanical response to an injection.

UNDERSTANDING: Interpretation tools for postanalysis of completion objectives and stimulation effectiveness.


InSite-HF™ is ICL's specialist software product for setting up a microseismic hydraulic fracturing project and then guiding the user through data acquisition, processing and interpretation. Microseismic events can be located through simple and complex velocity models. Manual and automated waveform processing can be carried out with comprehensive import and export of raw and processed event data. Seismic events, field objects, geological structures and analysis objects can be visualized within a 3D volume.

InSite-HF™ provides tools for importing, processing and visualizing seismic data with a high-level of automation, making processing and reprocessing a simple work flow.

InSite-HF™ is developed in a version controlled environment within a quality management system. InSite™ has been available as a commercial product for two decades and has been used by leading companies for realtime monitoring, quality assurance, post-processing, reprocessing and advanced analysis.

Technical support is provided by geophysicists with experience in commercial projects in the oil & gas sector. We offer open software training courses from our Shrewsbury office and can provide bespoke training solutions for companies online or in person.