Induced Seismicity

Itasca Consulting Ltd's (ICL) offers induced seismicity services for regulatory compliance and risk mitigation. Our team of skilled professionals delivers unbiased, transparent results when it comes to array design, data QC, and interpretation of recorded seismicity. Induced seismicity services can be coupled with robust geomechanical modeling for a better understanding of the link between fluid injection and induced seismicity, providing you with predictive models for risk mitigation and response protocol development. ICL’s induced seismicity services build upon Itasca’s 35 years of experience understanding and mitigating induced seismicity from various industrial operations.

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Induced seismicity monitoring

  • Array design
  • Array deployment, acquisition and processing
  • Quality control of processed induced seismicity
  • Advanced processing and interpretation

ICL’s processing is flexible and can accommodate a variety of geophysical and seismological instrumentation and data formats. Our team of skilled, trained professionals provides you with unbiased, transparent results when it comes to designing the most effective monitoring array, QC’ing, and interpreting recorded seismicity. Our results help you make completions decisions in your development areas and meet regulatory requirements.


Induced seismicity mitigation

  • Fully coupled, 3D geomechanical model
  • Link fluid injection and seismicity
  • Model predictive scenarios for hazard identification and mitigation

Induced Seismicity services can be coupled with robust geomechanical modeling for a comprehensive understanding of fluid-fault interactions in your development area. Alternative completions designs and mitigation measures can be modeled to improve response protocols and manage risk, while avoiding costly in-field trials.