Geothermal (EGS)

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Itasca Consulting Ltd (ICL) provides a fully integrated processing service.  From array design, through data management and processing, to advanced interpretations with dynamic numerical models, ICL helps its clients to better understand the growth and activation of the fracture structures in enhanced geothermal systems (EGS).

Microseismic monitoring allows for the imaging and visualization of active fracture networks within developing and producing EGS.  Real-time monitoring of microseismic data can provide instant feedback on injection pathways in a treated field and potential fault rupture and propagation that can affect production efficiency.

Post-processing offers a greater understanding long-term reservoir behavior throughout the treatment history. Detailed microseismic analysis allows for the assessment of potential fluid flow pathways, fault delineation, and can help image the fluid-pressure front migration within the reservoir.

Advanced geomechanical modeling can be used to understand long-term reservoir behavior.  Validated models help to optimize fracturing and increase reservoir productivity and recovery. Geomechanical models can also be used to investigate longer term effects, such as compaction and subsidence.

Insights from microseismic monitoring, combined with the power of geomechanical modeling, provide a unique tool to help reduce risk and improve productivity in geothermal operations.