Civil Engineering

Itasca Consulting Ltd (ICL) provides a range of microseismic, acoustic emission, and ultrasonic monitoring services for a range of civil engineer projects.

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Microseismic and ultrasonic monitoring, both passive and active, allows engineers to non-destructively monitor the integrity of engineered structures and locate areas of weakness. Local and regional seismic monitoring is an essential tool in the assessment of risk around engineering structures and in site characterisation prior to the construction of major infrastructure. The combination of passive and active seismic and ultrasonic monitoring provides a unique tool for:

  • Monitoring of structural responses during environmental loading and concrete curing.
  • Safety monitoring of tunnels and underground infrastructure.
  • Site characterisation and suitability assessment
  • Slope stability analysis and integrity assurance.
  • Early warning of catastrophic failure of rock, concrete and engineered materials.
  • Investigation of active fault zones, compaction and subsidence in and around engineered structures.

ICL provides full solutions for the monitoring of engineered structures at all scales:

  • coupled innovative high-frequency electronics architecture with real-time data processing software to provide cost-effective solutions with the highest possible data-flow rates and acoustic acquisition specifications tailored to the technological challenges of each project
  • hardware-independent integrated software tool for acoustic and seismic data acquisition, processing, management and visualisation providing a full three-dimensional microseismic analysis for both passive and active surveys.
  • fully-featured AE microseismic training courses that are focussed on the principles behind the technology, processing algorithms and hands-on experience of using ICL’s hardware and software.