InSite v3.15 Release Notes

Release Notes


  • Added source scan, a migration-based location algorithm, is developed to locate events without picking first arrivals. Gaussian Particle Swarm Optimization (GPSO) is employed to achieve computation efficiency.
  • Added location uncertainty calculation using Bayesian posterior probability. Iso-surface is used to reveal the region with user defined confidence level, e.g., 90%.
  • Added “Super-stage” concept in both data visualiser and Frac Manager. Multiple component or multiple stages can be stacked to form a so-called super-stage for enhanced statistical analysis.
  • Modified Akaike information criterion(AIC) is added for autopicking and source scan.
  • Velocity structure dropdown menu is automatically updated according to the selected inversion algorithm.
  • Computation time in seconds is reported at the end of location.
  • Made the error message more informative when look up table file is not imported.
  • An opening angle for tensile source is calculated from moment tensor inversion. 
  • Allow event filtering by time in the resolution of less than a second.



  • Add support to DTA data format commonly used by Mistras Group, Physical Acoustic Company AE acquisition system. The DTA files can be imported either automatically or manually.
  • Add support to TXT data format commonly used by Beijing Softland Times Scientific & Technology Co.LT AE acquisition system.
  • The split time unit can be adjusted by user to in the SEED file splitter dialogue box.
  • Allow upto 2 hours recording of miniSEED files to be streamed. 


Event Triggering

  • Added matched filter triggering method to streamer leach, such that repeated and weak signals can be harvested from data stream.



  • Added time attribute to any 3D scene objects including DXF meshes, which can be enabled or disabled by the play time window.
  • Allowed displaying station and channel names in the waveform visualiser.
  • Allow switching between the fault plane and the ancillary plane for Double-Couple dominated events.
  • Allow displaying the volume covered by a look up table.


Splash Window

  • The company logo is updated in the starting window.
  • The version number is displayed in the starting window.


Bug fixing:

  • Fix the compatibility issue for the old layered velocity model without Thomsen parameters in Frac Manager.
  • Fix the iso-surface being huge in InSite-Lab when the unit is set to mm.
  • Fix the 2D cross section being problematic in InSite-Lab when the unit is set to mm.
  • Disable optimized picking checkbox in InSite-Lab and InSite-Geo, a function not available in the products.
  • Error space plane option is removed from right click menu in InSite-Design.