Here is a list of events, webinars, conferences and tradeshows that the Itasca Consulting group is hosting or attending. 

Event Name Date Event Link Description Location
Microseismic and Geomechanics Essentials 1st June 2017 9am MT

1. Data acquisition: Recording quality data
2. Data processing: Estimating the location uncertainty
3. Interpretation: Recognizing data biases
4. Understanding: What is microseismic telling us?
5. Application: Operational improvements



Survey Design: maximize the investment 22nd June 2017 9am MT

Jun-Wei Huang, introduces survey design. Looking at

  • cost effective design
  • sensitivity
  • location uncertainty


Data harvesting and processing: When and where July 2017

An introduction to data harvesting and processing including:

* triggering from continuous data stream
* velocity calibration
* autoprocessing and manual processing
* result delivery



Microseismic Image Quality Control and Reprocessing August 2017

A webinar on quality control and reprocessing including:

* geophone orientation (no perforation shot)
* velocity calibration (VTI)
* autoprocessing not satisfied

Data interpretation: recognizing biases August 2017

A webinar on data interpretation including:

* detection bias
* radiation pattern bias
* uncertainty bias
* SNR bias
* unbiased understanding
* eg. MSDFN, structure analysis.


Maintaining operational licenses: induced seismicity monitoring September 2017

A webinar on induced seismic monitoring including:

* motivation: why ISM is important
* players: regulators, operators, the public
* methodology and application: traffic light system


Operation improvement: microseismic geomechanics October 2017

A presentation on microseismic geomechanics including:

* mass/energy balance
* Anatomy of hydraulic fracture
* Application example


Acoustic Emission Monitoring and Ultrasonic Survey October 2017

A webinar on acoustic emissions and ultrasonic surveying in laboratory environment:

* Data stream harvesting
* Active velocity survey
* AE location with time dependent velocity
* Autoprocessing and manual refinement
* Interpretation and visualization